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Nikos Sklavenitis
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Nikos Sklavenitis Nikos Sklavenitis
pottery - sclulpture
Artist Statement

"My tendency against restrictive logics, led me to an optics where it fascinates me to balance myself on the fertile borderline and sometimes feel the unusual experience of being at the same time on both sides of the mirror's world.
The preoccupation with an idea deepens my self-knowledge, opens my thought, impregnates my movements and I become carrier and executer. Thus, I cannot be unmoved by the mythological and symbolic way of thought and I often draw creative energy from religious myths".

Technical Information
Nikos Sklaveniti's work, is widely acknowledged in Greece and his style stands out from the crowd. His work is mostly based on smoked figurative forms. He fluently uses colourer raku glazes, terra sigillattas or even coloured slips, depending on the chosen firing process through which he reaches technique and a very personal and aesthetic result, which characterises him.
1957             Born in Pireus, Greece
1981-1987     Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Greece
2004-2005     PhD in digital arts & multimedia (ASFA), Greece
1985     He maintains his own studio in Athens, Greece
Since 2002     He is member of the International Academy of Ceramics

Solo Exhibitions

1993       Installation, Diaspros Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
1993       Installation, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece
1990       Installation, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece
1987       Installation, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece

Group Exhibitions

2013       Kunst im BLAUEN HAUS, Frankfurt, Germany
2012       "Ceramic tracks" Arsakeio, Patras, Greece 

2011       "6+2=58", Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece 
2010       "Ceramic Conversations", 
              Archaeological Museum of Aigina, Greece  

2009       "Aenaon" Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007       Video installation, Cultural Center Bios, Athens, Greece 
2006       "The blame on you", 
              Frank Steyart gallery & museum, Gent, Belgium

2005       Painting exhibition, Aenaon Gallery, Athens, Greece
2002       "Exhibition of World Building Ceramics"  
             International Ceramics Exhibit/Conference, Foshan,China

2002       Exhibition of members of International Academy 
             of Ceramics(I.A.C.) Fine Arts Factory, Athens

2002       Ceramics Exhibition, Fine Arts Factory, Athens, Greece 
1998       "Cotta Terra", Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition,  
             Greece-Italy Perugia & Deruta, Italy

1997       Cultural Centre of Athens, Gazi, Athens, Greece 
1998       "Keramisk Unika", Danish Institute, Athens, Greece 
1997       Vorres Museum, Paiania, Athens, Greece 
1995       "From Earth & Fire: 8 Contemporary Greek Ceramists"  
             Athens,Volos, Hania, GREECE / Aalborg, DENMARK.

1995       rt-Athina, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece
1994       European Sculpture Exhibition, Recklinghausen, Germany
1993       rt-Athina, AD Gallery, Athens, Greece
1993       Modern Greek Artists: Clay and Plastic Creation 
             European Cultural Center of Delphi, Delphi GR (1993) 
             Pierides Foundation, Athens GR (1994), 
             Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia CY (1994)
1991       European Sculpture Exhibition, Recklinghausen, Germany
1990       Exhibition of Ceramic Art, Municipal Gallery of Athens
1990       European Sculpture Exhibition, Recklinghausen, Germany
1990       24 Gallery, Athens, Greece
1988       Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, 
             Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Athens, Greece

1987       Fine Arts Graduates Exhibition , Piraeus, Greece 
1987       National Art Exhibition OLP, Piraeus, Greece 
1987       Painting Exhibition, Achillion, Athens (first prize)


2010       "Earth & Water", Avramilia-Kavala, Greece
2009       1st International Ceramics Symposium, Aegina.  
             Exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Aegina,Greece

2004       European Symposium, Nicosia, Cyprus
1999       "International Ceramic Symposium", Izmir, Turkey
1998       "Greek-Turkish Ceramic Symposium" , 
             Chamber of Fine Arts, Lesvos, Greece

1997       Greek/Canadian Intercultural Ceramics Symposium,  
             Rethymnon, Crete, Greece
996       Greek-Canadian Intercultural Ceramics Symposium, 
             Arts Centre Banff Alberta, Canada

• School of Applied Arts, Municipality of Volos
• Kalamata, Greece
• TEI of Athens (to date)

2004       Educational ceramic seminars, 
             Potters Association, Chania, Crete

2005       Educational ceramic seminars, Pan-European educational 
             conference of art teachers, Gazi, Athens.

Nikos Sklavenitis
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