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Kostas Karakitsos
Nikos Sklavenitis
George Vavatsis
Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis
Ilias Boudaniotis
Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis
Artist Statement

"Thirty spokes unite in one nave
and on that which is non-existent [on the hole in the nave]
depends the wheel's utility.
Clay is moulded into a vessel
and on that which is non-existent [on its hollowness]
depends the vessel's utility.
By cutting out doors and windows we build a house
and on that which is non-existent [on the empty space within]
depends the house's utility.

Therefore, existence renders actual
but non-existence renders useful". --LAO TZU

Technical Information

Produced by Vasilis, either on the potter’s wheel or hand-shaped, their pottery is then decorated with insribed patterns, or painted with pigments, slips and oxides by Athena. They use black stoneware clay and fire up to 1200C in oxidised atmosphere, utilizing only user friendly materials.


Athena and Vasilis Hatzimichailidis are self-taught ceramists and run their own workshop in Thessaloniki since 1985. They make utilitarian pottery, distinguished by the decoration that they have developed through the years. You can find their artwork all over Greece, in selected locations.

Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis
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