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Kostas Karakitsos
Nikos Sklavenitis
George Vavatsis
Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis
Ilias Boudaniotis
Ilias Boudaniotis

ceramic sculpture
Artist Statement

Technical Information
Stoneware clay, 1250˚C
White glaze
Third fired colors
Gld, Pltinum,
1969          Born In Athens, Greece
1998-2002  Ceramic & sculpture courses, “Experimental art 
                clay studio” of Kostas Tarkasis, Athens, Greece

1999-2000  History of Art & Design, at Christie’s, Athens, Greece
1991          Established his own studio, located in Rafina, Greece

Solo Exhibitions
2008       Orpheus Gallery, “Aformes”, Limassol, Cyprus
2006       Orpheus Gallery, ”Ilias’ Boudaniotis personal mythology”, 
              Limassol, Cyprus

Group Exhibitions
2008       8th International Ceramics Exhibition, Malaki Piliou, Greece
2008       47th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi, Athens, GR
2007       “Month of Collections”, Ixnilaton Gallery, Athens, Greece
2007       “Porcelana Inaczej”, Museum w Walbrzychu, Poland
2006       5th International Ceramic Exhibition, 
              Kanayama Ceramic Center, Aomori, Japan

2003       “Faenza Amarousio in contrast’, Faenza, Italy
2002       “From Ikaria to Ikaria”, Greece
2002       “Porcelain another way”, Museum w Walbrzychu, Poland
2002       44th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi, Athens, GR
2001       Medunarodni Festival at Progress Gallery, 
              Belgrade, Yugoslavia

2001       “Thirty Greeks Ceramists”, Vallauris, France
2001       43th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi, Athens, GR
2000       42th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi, Athens, GR
1997       39th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi, Athens, GR

2008        6th International Symposium of Mediterranean Countries, 
               Pelion, Greece

2007        XXXI Miedzynarodowego Symposiumm, 
               “Porcelana Inaczej, Walbrzychu, Poland

2006        5th International Symposium, “Goshogawara-Wood Firing 
               Festival”, Aomori, Japan

2002        XXVI International Symposium, “Porcelain another way”, 
               Walbrzychu, Poland, Best Artist Award

2000        27th Symposium, “World of Ceramics”, 
               Arandelovac, Yugoslavia

• Museum w Walbrzychu, Walbrzych, Poland
• Museum Miejskie, Wroclaw, Poland
• Kanayama Ceramic Center, Aomori, Japan
• Gratzki Museum, Arandelovac, Yugoslavia
Ilias Boudaniotis
   selected images
The Entertainers
The Bikers
Three Little Pigs
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