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Kostas Karakitsos
Nikos Sklavenitis
George Vavatsis
Athena & Vasilis Hatzimichailidis
Ilias Boudaniotis
Kostas Karakitsos Kostas Karakitsos
sculpture - pottery
Artist Statement

"Contemporary art is an oasis against the ceaseless leveling of our horizons. It is the ray of light that shines our dark path, assuming with amazing dexterity the role of leader. Man created art, but art humanized man. It is the perpetual power springing from our unconscious ego which pushes us to understand and comprehend our existence".

Technical Information

Kostas Karakitsos’ work is based on forms shaped, either on the potter’s wheel or statically, using sculpture methods and techniques. Pigments, ceramic slips, either glazed or not, compose the artists’ pallet. He fires up to 1270C and 1050C, depending on the artwork.


1956             Born In Kavala, Greece
1984-1986     He became apprentice in Georgia’s Galinou laboratory of 
                    ceramics-sculpture, Serres, Greece

1985             Creates his own ceramic workshop, Kavala, Greece

Solo Exhibitions
2010             ORFEOS 20ART Gallery, Xanthi, Greece
2007             INSTITUTE MOHAMET ALI, Kavala, Greece
2006             Municipal Gallery of Limenas, Thassos, Greece
2003             AENAON Gallery, Athens, Greece
1995             AENAON Gallery, Athens, Greece
1994             Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece
1989             GEORGIA GALINOY Gallery, Serres, Greece

Group Exhibitions 
2013             Kunst im BLAUEN HAUS, Frankfurt, Germany
11             ORFEOS 20ART Gallery, Xanthi, Greece
2010             ORFEOS 20ART Gallery, Xanthi, Greece
2008             ORFEOS 20ART Gallery, Xanthi, Greece
2007             Municipal Gallery of Kavala, Greece
2006             “Art Gallery”, Alexandroupolis, Greece
2005             “Fabrica Fabiana”, Liubljana, Slovenia
2005             UBER Gallery, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
2004             AENAON Gallery, Athens, Greece
2003             “Course I”, Mylos Gallery, Tessaloniki, Greece.
2002-03        “Artigianato Ceramica Moderna”, 
                     Pesaro-Italy, Ljubljana-Slovenia, Kilkis-Greece

2002             AENAON Gallery, Athens, Greece
2001-02        “Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition”, Athens,Greece
2001              VALAURIS Municipal Library, France
2001              Municipal Art Gallery Of Kavala, Greece
2001              ANNY BALTA Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2000              International Sculpture Exhibition- Prefecture of Drama, Greece
1999-2000     “Artistic May”, Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece
1995             “Kavala’s Artist”, I.M.A.R.E.T Institute, Kavala, Greece
1994             “With the wings of art” - Gazi, Athens, Greece
1993              SUNTORY, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
1992             “Modern Ceramics Exhibition”, Cultural Centre of Athens, Greece
1992-95-97    “Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition”, Athens,Greece
1988-89-90    “Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition”, Athens,Greece
1987              University of Bielefeld, Germany

211             “Earth & Water“, Avramilia-Kavala, Greece 
                     (organization of symposium)
211             "International raku symposium", Eskisehir, Turkey
2010             “Earth & Water“, Avramilia-Kavala, Greece 
                     (organization of symposium)
2009             “Earth & Water“, Avramilia-Kavala, Greece 
                     (organization of symposium)
2009             “7th Mediterranean Art Ceramics Symposium”, 
                     Ceramics Museum “Anetopoulos”, Volos, Greece

2008             "VI International Applied Ceramics symposium", 
                     Erciyes University, Avanos, Turkey
                     Anadolu University, Caesarea, Turkey

2007             “International Symposium Europa-Anatolian”, 
                     Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey

2007             “Fabrika Fabiana”, Radovljica, Slovenia
2004             “Fabrika Fabiana”, Radovljica, Slovenia
2003             “Art.Ce.Mo.” , European programme(Italy-Slovenia-Greece), 
                     Pesaro, Italy

2002             “Magera” Ceramic Symposium, Constantinople, Turkey
2001             “Magera” Ceramic Symposium, Constantinople, Turkey
2000             “Magera” Ceramic Symposium, Municipality of Rafina, Greece
1999             “Magera” Ceramic Symposium, Cesmes, Turkey
1999             “International Ceramic Symposium”, Izmir, Turkey
1998             “Greek-Turkish Ceramic Symposium” (organized by  
                     Chamber of Fine Arts), Lesvos, Greece

More Information
2004            "500 FIGURES IN CLAY" - a directory of artists, LARK BOOKS
2002            "Ceramics Figures: A directory of Artists" by Michael Flynn 
                    ISBN: 0 - 8135 - 3205 - 1.

2000             Introduced a course about Ceramics organized by the EU
1998             Teaches ceramics in High School of Kavala
1997             Teaches ceramics in his workshop
1996             Member of “Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece”

Kostas Karakitsos
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