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Wedding list 

Clay Action


A gift from Clay Action not only could complement your home's decoration, but can also be an investment for the future.

A wedding list at Clay Action offers your friends and family the opportunity to purchase a special, unique gift to celebrate your wedding with ceramic fine art.

'Our Wedding List' allows you to create a secure, online wedding list, or gift registry of the gifts that you and your partner desire.

Registration is quick, easy and free  

Create an online gift registry in just three steps.

1. Create an account  
Create an account by entering basic details about yourself, your partner and your wedding. 

2. Enter your gifts  
Select the gifts you would like others to purchase for you. You can amend your list any time you wish.

3. Inform your guests
Email your list to your guests, family and friends.

Once you have created your list, your family and friends will gain immediate access to it and will be able to reserve the gifts you’d like them to purchase for you. A picture/description of the selected item, as well as its price and the artist’s details will be available.

Your guests may select as many items as they wish from your wedding list or even pitch in to buy one gift

Each item may be selected only once. Next, an email will be sent to your guests to assist them in their purchase, whereas you will be regularly notified about the items that have been reserved/purchased.

Your account will remain active for 90 days after your wedding, giving thus your guests enough time to complete their purchase and you the opportunity to thank all those that have chosen Clay Action to purchase a gift for you.

Vavatsis George

Vavatsis George

Vavatsis George

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